Best Binary Options Brokers for 2022

Having tested multiple Binary Options Brokers we decided to help out all those of you who don’t really know what broker to select. The majority of the international brokers listed on this website are tried and tested by us. The recommendations are based on our needs and want.

Top International Binary Options Brokers  2022 *

50% Bonus on First Deposit
Min. Deposit: $50
Max. Payout: 96%
  • 3 crypto pairs
  • Global Broker
  • Quick Payouts
  • Deposit with Crypto
  • Your capital is at risk
    Free $10,000 Demo Account
    Min. Deposit: $10
    Max. Payout: 95%
  • 82 crypto options
  • + 140 assets to trade
  • Robust Platform
  • Free Demo Acc.
  • Your Capital is at Risk
    Free Demo With Unlimited Virtual Funds
    Min. Deposit: $5
    Max. Payout: 100%*
  • 25 crypto pairs
  • Quick Withdrawals
  • Multi-Regulated Broker
  • MT5 Available
  • Risk Warning: Your Capital is at Risk
    Free $10,000 Demo Account
    Min. Deposit: $10
    Max. Payout: 100%*
  • 19 crypto pairs
  • + 250 assets to trade
  • Robust Platform
  • Free Demo Acc.
  • Risk Warning: Your Capital is at Risk
    Up to 100% Bonus + Giveaway Prizes
    Min. Deposit: $250
    Max. Payout: 90%
  • Trusted Broker
  • Quick Withdrawal
  • 2 Crypto Pairs
  • Weekend Trading
  • Your capital is at risk

    ** Amount to be credited to account for a successful trade.

    Choosing a Binary Options Broker

    If you are new to Binary Options Trading it can be tricky to know exactly what to look for in a Binary Options Broker. Even if you have traded before, there are other things to look out for with Binary Options compared to other trading instruments like spot Forex. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few differences between Binary Options brokers as well which might not be apparent at first look. The best is if you already have made a few decisions regarding the strategy you will use to trade. If you don’t have one now, it would then be better to select a broker which covers all the bases. I have made the list according to my preferences, but perhaps you want to emphasize other features. Please go through the list and think about what you need from a broker in order to succeed.

    • In-The-Money Payout

    As I said you might not have the same preferences as I have but anyway you look at it I think all would agree that the most important is the payout. The reason it is the most important is due to low payouts make it more difficult to make a profit in the long run. Some Binary Options brokers offer 90% payout and above. Why choose a broker that returns only 56-70%? It makes absolutely no sense, except if they have some special feature that is essential for the strategy you are trading.

    • Market diversity

    Market diversity is also important because some of us prefer certain markets or trading instruments. If you love trading cryptocurrencies there is no reason why you should settle for a broker with a limited choice of crypto. Some brokers have a range of trading instruments exceeding 80 and even 90 assets, which gives you a wide selection to decide what underlying asset suits your trading style the best. This is probably more important than what you might think. Trading that which you like and know very well can make a tremendous difference for the end result. Don’t overlook this if you want to succeed.

    • Option frequency

    Option frequency might sound a bit cryptic but has to do with how often the broker renews the contracts. Some brokers let you trade every 15 minutes others less frequently (say every hour). If you can only set aside one hour or so per day to trade, there will be more choice and more opportunities with a broker that renews their contracts every 15 minutes. If you make a bad choice here you could end you being only able to make one trade in the hour you have at your disposal instead of four.

    • Lock-Out Period Duration

    We are now entering the not-so-important issues. Lock-out period duration is not of the most important but it could restrain certain strategies and make them less effective. Usually, the Lock-out period lasts from 5 minutes to 15 minutes (not taking 60-second options into regard as these I consider special feature). For some strategies, 15 minutes can be a little long to wait and might not be suitable.

    • Binary Option Types

    Some Binary Options brokers make available to us, except for High/Low Binary Options, Boundary, and One Touch Binary Options. If your strategy takes advantage of Boundary Options then it makes sense to choose a broker offering them. Sometimes it also is a good idea to select a broker with other Binary Options types as you might want to change your strategy if another type suits your trading style better.

    While you look for the top binary options brokers to explore new trading opportunities, this website provides useful suggestions and reviews. We focus primarily on helping traders choose the best broker. Below are several important tips  that you should consider when choosing a binary options broker:

    Our 10 Tips to get the right broker:

    1. Customer support: You want communication. Make sure there are multiple types of communication available. Most companies have websites with their physical information posted such as phone numbers and physical addresses. Most are now equipped with a 24/7 expert online to ask questions like live chat or skype chat.
    2. Platform & Mobile: The platform should be very easy to use that can be accessed via computer or mobile. Check if they support mobile trading devices available including mobile phones ( iPhone, Android ) and tablets.
    3. Regulation: In the perfect world, you would expect binary brokers to be regulated, however, most of them aren’t. There are advantages and disadvantages to that. Brokers that are regulated, for example, would not accept traders from some countries (eg: IQ Option/CySEC ), while the offshore financial companies registered in the Cayman Islands or BVI, etc. accept traders without exceptions. While regulated brokers ensure the security of your funds, they might adopt strict rules and trading conditions to follow the regulations. Once again, this is a debatable area.
    4. Deposit / Withdrawal  Methods: Next check the payment methods and make sure you fit into that category.
    5. Trading resources. These include fundamental education school, analysis, news feeds, quotes, and trade tools. Look at all your options and remember you hold the cards to your profitable outcome.
    6. Demo Accounts. Make sure they provide a demo account to test their platform. ( eg.  Pocket Option or Race Option )
    7. Returns: Most brokers offer returns between 70- 90%. for winning investments.
    8. Bonuses:  They could be a good incentive but check carefully their terms and conditions published on the broker’s site. Some brokers require a minimum trading volume to release the bonus.
    9. Minimum Deposit: This is the minimum deposit amount to open a real account. It varies among brokers  ( from $10 to $250 ).
    10. Options Type and assets to trade: Most platforms offer Binary Options ( High / Low or Call / Put ), One Touch, and 60 seconds. Regarding the assets, basically, they are cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, currencies, and indices.

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